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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Semana 16 (por Iaru)

Rock Port, Missouri, is First US City to Generate All Its Electricity From Wind Turbines
25 / 07 / 2008
A group of Missourian bastards in Rock Port now generate all their electricity using wind turbines. Rock Port went completely wind-powered last week, making use of the 75 wind turbines spread out across three Missouri counties, and local experts are excited about the potential for wind power throughout the state. And even for that to happen, turbines need to become dramatically more efficient.
Lo elegí porque me pareció muy interesante que prueben con un nuevo tipo de energía sin la necesidad de electricidad.

Flowlight: Like a Blackboard With Lasers
25 / 07 / 2008

Precisely how the Flowlight would work is a little unclear, but the design page notes that a base station would focus a laser beam 100 times a second into a point in the space, creating small plasma points that glow in mid air. Users could then use the pen to draw and write, making doodles look like some sort of fantastic light show. It's kind of like a cross between and blackboard and a laser pointer—which would be extremely cool if the product actually existed.
Lo elegí porque es una muy buena idea y porque podría remplazar a algunos fuegos artificiales y así evitar algunos problemas.

NTT DoCoMo testing out eye-controlled music interface
25 / 07 / 2008
A method for easily controlling a music interface (on a PMP or cellphone) with just your eyes. By rolling one's eyes and jerking them from side to side, the outfit is hoping to have the corresponding music player change tracks and get louder / softer. If you're not exactly keen with freaking out fellow citizens on the street with completely erratic eye movements, you may also appreciate a similar technology it's working up which can detect a user's finger tapping to achieve to same goal.
Para ver más
Lo elegí porque es una manera de demostrar que la tecnología avanza hasta el límite de que no tengamos que ni mover un dedo y este invento lo demuestra.

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