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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Semana 12 (por Fabi)

Hitwise: Yahoo Would be Just Fine Without Search

Hitwise Intelligence took an interesting look at the breakdown of Yahoo's properties today. They come to the conclusion that, even if Yahoo sells off its search division, Yahoo's other properties probably wouldn't be too affected by this, as they get most of their traffic from Google's search anyway. Only Yahoo Image Search, Games, Maps, and News get most of their traffic from Yahoo Search.
Looking at these statistics, it becomes clear that most of Yahoo's properties would continue doing just fine without getting traffic from Yahoo Search. Also, according to Hitwise, Yahoo Search only gets about 12% of Yahoo's traffic anyway, while Yahoo's homepage and Yahoo Mail get a combined 68%.
July 3, 2008

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Elegí esta noticia porque no me lo esperaba, y Yahoo me parece un buen buscador.

How to Send Free Unlimited Text Messages from iPhone 3G

Believe or not but the new iPhone 3G data plans by AT&T have not made customers happy so far.
Above all, now you will need to pay an extra $5 every month to get 200 text messages which usually came free with previous iPhone data plans. So below you can read a trick on how to send unlimited text messages from iPhone for free.
Here we will be making use of a famous email-to-text service called

  1. Create a new email message on your iPhone.
  2. In the To: box type, (where the numbers are placeholders for any 10-digit phone number), type a message and send.
  3. Enjoy free text messaging!

The message will be sent to the number in the email and all received text messages will be sent to you as an email.
If you want to use a web app to send text messages, use TxtDrop or Durgle as they work best on iPhone Safari.
Note: This trick will work for iPhone users in US and Canada only.


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elegí esta noticia porque me resulta un poco triste que apenas sale un celular nuevo salgan trucos y trampas, aunque admito que yo lo haría. Me parece un poco decepcionante.

Download Adobe Reader 9 Free for Windows

Adobe has released the new version of its famous PDF reading software i.e. Adobe Reader 9.
Adobe Reader 9 brings adds much new functionality, especially relating to collaboration, PDF file creation, security, and an enhanced user experience. Plus it can now read flash animations embedded within PDF documents.


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Elegí esta noticia porque me ineteresa el avance de la tecnología.

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