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Friday, July 11, 2008

Semana 14 (por Lula)

iPhone 3G review

It's hard to think of any other device that's enjoyed the level of exposure and hype that Apple found in the launch of the first iPhone. Who could forget it? Everyone got to be a gadget nerd for a day; even those completely disinterested in technology seemed to come down with iPhone fever. But the original device was still far from perfect: its limited capabilities (especially in the 3G department), high price of entry, and the small number of countries in which it was available kept many potential buyers sidelined. Until now -- or so Apple hopes.

The wireless industry is a notoriously tough nut to crack, and it's become pretty clear that the first iPhone wasn't about total domination so much as priming the market and making a good first impression with some very dissatisfied cellphone users. With the iPhone 3G, though, Apple's playing for keeps. Not only is this iPhone's Exchange enterprise support aiming straight for the heart of the business market, but the long-awaited 3rd party application support and App Store means it's no longer just a device, but a viable computing platform. And its 3G network compatibility finally makes the iPhone welcome the world over, especially after Cupertino decided to ditch its non-traditional carrier partnerships in favor of dropping the handset price dramatically. $200? We're still a little stunned.

So now that Apple finally stands poised for an all out war on cellphone-makers everywhere, will the iPhone 3G stand up to the competition -- and higher expectations than ever? Read on for our full review.

11 de Julio.
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Elegí este articulo ya que gusta mucho el diseño y las características del Iphone y me parece muy bueno que salga a la venta un nuevo modelo que tiene más capacidad y a un precio más accesible.

Seagate lanza en Agosto disco duro de 1.5 terabytes de almacenamiento

Seagate, compañia líder en tecnología de discos duros, anunció hoy que pondrá en producción una versión de 1.5 terabytes de Barracuda 7200.11. La capacidad de almacenamiento es 500 GB más que cualquier otro disco duro de escritorio de 3.5, tiene como particularidad un refinamiento perpendicular magnético a la hora de escribir información que lo hace alojar 375 GB en cada una de sus cuatro capas. La densidad del disco también ha ayudado a mejorar la velocidad y le permite transferir información a una velocidad de 120MB por segundo o más.

11 de Julio.
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Elegí este articulo ya que me parece interesante que se creen nuevos discos duros con mayor capacidad y que hagan a nuestras computadoras más rápidas.

LG Chocolate 3 meets retail destiny on July 13

We'd heard that the latest incarnation of the Chocolate series from LG on Verizon would be launching next Monday, but we've got some great news to close out the week, fans: you'll be able to plunk down your cash a full day early. It turns out that the Chocolate 3 will actually be launching this Sunday, July 13 for the expected $129.99 after rebate, featuring a 2 megapixel cam, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, and an in-your-face set of external music controls, all in your choice of black or light blue. Just add an 8GB microSD card and the Rhapsody tie-in, and you've got yourself a little musical powerhouse here.

11 de Julio.
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Elegí este articulo ya que me encantan los celulares y me gusta que haya distintos modelos a un precio accesible así hay más variedad en el mercado.

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