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Friday, October 17, 2008

Semana 27 (por Iaru)

R/C Fin-Fish Blimp Hypnotically Swims Through the Air
Oct 17 2008

Air Art from flip on Vimeo.

Like Festo's Air Ray and Airjelly contraptions, this Fin-Fish R/C blimp floats so gracefully through the air that it is liable to hypnotize you at your office desk until quittin' time. There isn't any information on device, but it appears to be an entry in the annual Airship Regatta held in Germany. And, and like the Air Ray, it is probably built with a helium-filled balloon and servo-driven fins.
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Lo elegí porque me pareció un buen invento.

Chinese-made solar-powered car gets 150 kilometers on a 30-hour charge
Oct 17th 2008

It may not attract the same sort of glances as a Tesla, or a Volt, for that matter, but this solar-powered car built by China's Zhejiang 001 Group is pretty impressive in its own right, both for its price (just $5,560), and it's efficiency. That latter bit is a result of some rather un-integrated solar panels, which absorb 95% of the solar energy they take in and convert it to electricity at between 14 and 17% efficiency, which is actually pretty impressive as far as solar panels go. According to the company, that should let you travel about 150 kilometers on a 30-hour charge, though you'll only be able to go five kilometers on a one-hour charge. No word on a release outside of China, as you might have guessed, but the company has apparently already produced ten of 'em for sale inside the country, with more presumably on the way.
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Lo elegí porque me pareció una buena idea para ahorrar.

Beijing Gets Tougher On Net Cafes With Mandatory Photos
Fri Oct 17 2008

All internet cafes in the main 14 city districts of Beijing have been mandated to install cameras to take pics of people as they enter the store, which are they uploaded to a city-wide database under watch of the Cultural Law Enforcement Taskforce. Shop owners have apparently said that their customers don't care, but apparently an online version of the People's Daily showed 72% respondents opposing it because it violated their rights.

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Lo elegí porque me pareció muy interesante

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