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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Semana 25 (por Iaru)

Nissan's Nuvu: electric, cartoonish
Oct 2nd 2008

Nissan's Nuvu is making its debut this week at the Paris motor show, and while it isn't the all-electric vehicle that the company has promised for 2010, it's a step in the right direction. Resembling something from a Pixar movie, the Nuvu has that special mix of "vaguely futuristic" and "somewhat impractical" that we look for in a concept car: it's less than ten feet long, seats three (un)comfortably and the space behind the driver is claimed by what looks like an end table with a conduit extending to the ceiling. Many of the cabin materials are either recycled or made from organic materials and since the vehicle is electric, it should be whisper quiet -- offering maximum clarity for your Medeski, Martin and Wood CDs.
Lo elegí porque es un adelanto de como van a ser los autos del futuro

Microsoft set to launch Surface SDK this month
Oct 7th 2008

Microsoft's large multitouch device -- the Surface -- will be getting its very own SDK at Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference this month. The package, which the folks in Redmond have apparently been promising since April, will introduce developers to "vision-based object recognition" and something called ScatterView, and a session at the PDC will detail how the kit "aligns with the multitouch developer roadmap for Windows 7." All exciting stuff, but if we don't see a giant, multitouch version of FreeCell soon, we might just stop paying attention.
Lo elegí porque me gusto el diseño
Remock Lockey Opens Doors With Its Wireless Mojo
Tue Oct 7 2008
Wireless deadbolts have been on the market for a while now, but the new Remock Lockey seems like a decent solution for doors you want to secure inside a home. The remote controlled lock is placed on the inside of a room and can only be opened with a remote control "key." It runs on store bought batteries, but the system will automatically shut down when the power is low so you don't have to worry about getting locked out

Lo elegí porque me pareció una idea que ayudará a que haya más seguridad

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