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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Semana 21 (por Fabi)

Google Local Search Now Finds Where You Are

For travelers, mobile applications that allow you to search for local places can be a pain to deal with. You constantly have to go back into the app to update your location. Sometimes it's easy to forget to do this, which can make your local search process become tedious and frustrating. Today, Google has announced their way of making local search a lot easier. Google's Local search homepage will now feature a new technology known as "My Location".
Simplifying Local Search
Available exclusively on Windows Mobile devices, Google makes good use of its Gears Geolocation API to get an approximate ID on where you're located. The API uses the same Cell ID technology Google uses for Google Maps on mobile devices. How does this affect your local search results? With My Location, users only have to type in whatever they're searching for without adding a location in. Whether it's sushi, the weather, or a local restaurant, Google will find both your results and your location. The API does most of the heavy work and cuts down on the amount of time spent typing in all of that information. We think this beats having to change your location every time you travel to another city or state.
September 11, 2008
Elegí esta noticia porque es muy útil e interesante.

iPhones Continue to Hammer Networks

iPhone use in the epicenter of the technology world is on the rise, according to research released by Meraki Thursday.
According to the company, which is creating Free the Net, a free wireless network in San Francisco, it has witnessed a significant uptick in iPhone usage as it continues to roll out its service. Of the 150,000 devices that have used Free the Net, the iPhone accounts for nearly 20 percent. At its lowest point months ago, the iPhone accounted for just 6 percent of all the devices connecting the network.
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Elegí esta noticia porque demuestra que se están usando mucho los iPhones.

RIM Turns to Microsoft For Search

Microsoft and RIM announced today that they have struck a deal that will see all BlackBerry smartphones running Microsoft Live Search.
The deal’s specifics weren’t released, but Microsoft’s ability to bring Live Search to the BlackBerry is a major development in the mobile space and is a direct challenge to Google, which is currently providing the iPhone with its search and will feature Google Search in upcoming Android-based devices.
September 11, 2008
La elegí porque muestra el avance de la tecnología.

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