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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Semana 18 (por Fabi)

Copy and Paste for iPhone
We iPhone users know exactly how difficult it is for us to survive without having copy and paste functionality. Apple does have this under consideration but according to them its not a priority.
Perhaps with the new open-source community project called OpenClip, it will be possible for users to use copy and paste functionality among some iPhone apps without begging Apple to add this feature to the firmware.
This is how it works, when a developer adds the OpenClip framework to an iPhone app, that app gains copy and paste functionality. So basically it all comes down to how willing and supportive the iPhone app developers are. GeekBrief has also made a video demo of the copy/paste functionality being used within some native iPhone apps.


Lo elegí porque el iPhone llega al país y me interesa lo que puede hacer.

Palm Treo Pro is now Official

As of today, the Palm Treo Pro is now official.
Rumors hit the Internet two weeks ago when leaked pictures of the Palm Treo Pro started surfacing around forums and though not an iPhone-Killer, this new phone is definitely a big match for all the PocketPC devices currently available in the market.

The Palm Treo Pro sports a 2.5 inches TFT touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. It is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 and has all features of a standard phone such as Bluetooth, Infrared port, USB, WiFi, MicroSD slot etc and most surprisingly a built-in GPS. A 2 Megapixel camera is also there to add more to the disappointment.


Lo elegí porque al tener Windows es más fácil de manejar adjuntos, algo que no es tan cómodo en el BlackBerry y en el iPhone.

Ebay Survey Says Americans Buy Crap They Don’t Want

This inbox item caught my eye. Ebay commissioned a survey on behalf of their fast growing Kijiji product (it competes with and engages in litigation with Craigslist).
The survey revealed surprising (I use the term sarcastically) facts such as:
.90% of Americans have at least one unused item lying around the house
.Unused electronics items can be found in more than 2/3 of households (70%)
.38% of men are holding onto old electronics, compared to 35% of women
Lo elegí porque llama la atención que tengan en las casas tantos aparatos sin usar.

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